देवनागरी ‘लिपी’चा अपभ्रंश (भाग २)

(If you are not able to see images, right click and select "View Image" in Internet Explorer or visit the original link in maayboli देवनागरी ‘लिपी’चा अपभ्रंश (भाग २))

दुसरा भाग लिहीण्यासाठी मी किरण फाॅण्ट वापरला आहे कारण लिपी वरील कोणतेही illustration Unicode च्या आवाक्याबाहेर आहे.

किरण फाॅण्ट http://www.kiranfont.com येथून मोफत मिळवा.

भाग दुसरा : सगळ्यात अपभ्रंशित झालेले देवनागरी अक्षर ‘र’


  1. Hello

    I downloaded your Kiran fonts. I also downloaded the WEFT but could not convert any of your fonts to eot type. Very less documentation and the task gets difficult.

    Have you seen some Marathi fonts in Windows 7? Like Utsaah and Aparajita? Both are TTF with English built in. I could not invoke the devanagari either for msoffice/photoshop. Have you tried them or have any idea how to make them useful?

    Kindly put your name somewhere on your sites.


    Milind Padhye

  2. nice tutorial on devanagari script. Nepali is also written in same script.